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We’ve been hearing a lot about NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which are a type of digital asset that lives on a blockchain. It has monetary value and can be used to authenticate and track the provenance of other digital media. This category includes JPEGs, music files, and anything else that can be saved to a hard drive. An NFT, on the other hand, is not the underlying medium. This leads us to our second point. In a variety of fields, more and more initiatives based on blockchain technology, NFT, are being developed.


NFT cases involving amulets: When Buddhist amulets were added to the blockchain, the talisman craze spread to Thailand.

NFTs blessed by monks have entered the blockchain in Thailand.

Millions of people around the world collect Thai amulets, which are worth $1.25 billion each year, making them extremely valuable. Crypto Amulets in Thailand recently sold an NFT digital talisman blessed with the blessing of 95-year-old Luang Phu Heng Papaso, an excellent Abbot of Pattana Thamkaram Temple in Surin Province.

In total, Crypto Amulets produced 8,000 NFT amulets, dividing them into eight variants with prices ranging from 0.02 Ethereum to 0.8 Ethereum. The customer will own all rights to any NFT amulets he or she purchases, including commercial rights, and may anticipate the value of both the original talisman and NFT.

12 GUARDIANS NFT opens religious doors in the digital asset market with new scarcity.

Since time immemorial, amulets have been inextricably linked to human existence and religious culture, and many amulets are still manufactured and used in various forms every year. The 12 zodiac signs have also had a significant impact on Asian culture and history, and each year, in order to overcome obstacles or have hope, the year is interpreted with the characteristics of that year’s animals, providing new goals and meaning to the coming year.

In this regard, we use blockchain technology compatible with the modern digital era to properly secure the fundamental worth of the 12 Guardians and amulets. Furthermore, due to the inherent scarcity of NFT, we use a very limited quantity based on a verified trust procedure.

It is artistically sublimated by incorporating the meaning of the 12 Guardians’ protection, which goes beyond the meaning of a simple amulet, to give greater meaning and value to digital assets that help you keep going.

Furthermore, we will do our best to research and make efforts so that everyone involved in the project can grow and progress together by sharing a portion of the profits generated by various content businesses related to the 12 Guardians that our team will produce in the future.

Join us with the 12 Guardians NFT Card to see how digital amulets can be the future of NFT!!

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12 Guardians

The 12 GUARDIANS NFT Card, created by fusion of a picture that depicts each of the 12 zodiac and amulets made by famous monks. View more:https://12guardian.com/