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The mingling of truth and falsehood

If you are not careful, it is easy to buy fake amulets in the amulet market. If you have been to the Tha Pra Chan market in Thailand, you will find many kinds of charms. The types of amulets introduced by the seller are magical and have many uses. The shapes, sizes, and materials of charms and amulets are very diverse. Each type of amulet will have a different level of effectiveness, and be made by many different monks.

12 guardians NFT cards

Amulets crafted by prominent monks typically cost more since they are thought to have greater influence. The preciousness of an amulet is also based on the time of the amulet’s formation. Amulets made by famous monks and lasting a long time are bought at unbelievable prices. With so many options to choose from, buyers are confused in this market.

Besides, the online market for amulets is similar to the situation at the Tha Pra Chan market or even worse. Anonymous people sell amulets imported from many places, including evil spirits. The seller advertises that it brings money, a career, and love to the owner. In addition to the evil charms, there are also amulets that the seller claims are charms created by a reputable monk.

It is known that an amulet, the charm has an effect on the owner because the mysterious characters carry mystical energy and the energy of the creator of the charm. If the person who created the charm is a virtuous person, has good morals, and has a high level of practice, the amulets created by this person will have good effects. If the creator of the charm is not virtuous or has a low level of practice, then the amulet is just an object, with no effect.

Therefore, it is not easy to buy real charm. You need to buy it directly from that prestigious monk or ask an expert to appraise it. This will be troublesome and restrictive for the buyer. From there, we see that the solution of the era is digital: the digital amulet.

A digital amulet is both a safety net and an opportunity for many people.

Digital amulet you can check it on the blockchain. Each amulet is an NFT, they are individually encrypted and verified by the owner. On the blockchain, you can easily look up their origins, avoiding fake amulets. Finding an amulet appraiser does not require a lot of work, time, or money. You simply need one click at home to check your amulet, which is more convenient and safer.

Not only that, but blockchain allows people to access amulets even more. No matter where you are in the world, it is easy to get an amulet, which used to be very difficult. Blockchain makes commercialization more successful than an amulet on the internet. People in many different countries have the opportunity to easily access and collect amulets in large quantities from reputable units and easily sell them. You should choose reputable, verified units to be guaranteed for the amulet.

12 Guardians is a good choice, currently the only project that combines 12 Zodiac signs with an amulet to form a digital amulet.

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12 Guardians

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