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An amulet is an object, usually worn, that is considered to have powers that will protect the person. It is considered to be protected against some form of evil and is common to numerous cultures, ancient and present. Faith in the protective object was often greater for many in past times, however, when more folkloric beliefs were accepted.

A modern person wearing an amulet, such as a Catholic wearing a cross, may not believe the object protects him or her from evil. He or she generally displays the cross as a symbol of belief and a reminder of Christ. There is great variance, however, and some people, especially those who follow Wiccan or astrological practices, may take the wearing of a protective charm quite seriously.

The amulet in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, the amulet might depict gods, hieroglyphics, or certain revered animals, carved out of precious stones. These were generally worn during life, and kept on after death for protection in the afterlife.

Later, early Scandinavians used a rune in the shape of Thor’s hammer to ward off evil from witchcraft. The early Celts might have worn a four-leafed shamrock, or metal or stone carvings of the wheel or a boat. The three-leafed shamrock is actually Christian in origin and signifies the holy trinity.

In modern Japan, many wear an Omamori amulet. This is a small bag made of silk that has prayers written on paper on the inside. Some believe the Omamori protects the wearer only so long as he or she does not open the bag. It may have different prayers depending on the wearer’s needs. Pregnant women might wear a special one, as might scholars or people who travel frequently.

In Buddhist-majority Thailand, amulets received from the traditional ceremonies of widely respected monks can cost thousands of dollars. Recently, NFT amulets made by monk Luang Pu Heng, an admirable monk in northeast Thailand, have run out of stock. It is said that all NFT amulets for the examinees were also sold with KLAY coins in Korea.


In this way, regardless of whether it’s a real amulet or a digitalized amulet, its effect of bringing the amulet owner psychological comfort is not different. The belief that amulets protect yourself leads to a positive attitude that all circumstances will improve and good luck will come.

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12 Guardians

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