A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to own a Guardian:

Step 1: Visit the channels:


Step 2: Select the NFT Card you want to purchase and press the “BUY” button.

Step 3: Examine the payment requirements:
- You’ll need WETH to buy the card, which you can get by converting ETH to WETH.
- Matic is required for the Gas fee. Purchase on Binance or MoonPay
*A minimum top-up of 0.005 Matic is recommended.

Step 4: When you have met all of the requirements, click “Unlock & Purchase.”
A contract will appear in the corner; please read all of the information carefully before clicking “Confirm.”

Step 5: A “Successful transaction” announcement will be made. You can find your Guardian by going to “My Card.”

Follow us more to have a picture of what 12 Guardians will bring to you:

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