The 12 GUARDIANS NFT Card is an NFT (Non-fungible token) created by the fusion of a picture that depicts each of the 12 zodiac animals and amulets made by respected monks. The cards can be kept by the owner or given to his/her family and friends as a wish for health and happiness.

Although the manner or design differs from that of a conventional amulet, the magical practice of producing a certain pattern or shape to achieve a desired purpose has been discovered across history and culture throughout the years and may be found in the digital amulet as well.


First, we would like to introduce the Myth Style, the Guardian that brings luck to your daily life:

The Mouse — An amulet that brings you good fortune.

The Ox — An amulet that helps you make good choices, bring good relationships.

The Tiger — An amulet that helps achieve good results.

The Rabbit — An amulet that helps you relax your mind.

The Dragon — An amulet that helps control the mind from overflow.

The Snake — An amulet that intensifies your tenacity and motivates you to work harder.

The Horse — An amulet that adds boldness.

The Sheep — An amulet that helps strengthen your heart.

The Monkey — An amulet helps maintain composure.

The Rooster — An amulet that adds positivity and persistence.

The Dog — An amulet that increases determination to make good choices.

The Pig — An amulet that brings you happiness.

The Cat — An amulet keeps you energized to achieve your goal.

The Goat — An amulet gives you more strength to achieve results in life.

The Elephant — An amulet brings you wealth and happiness.

The Lion — An amulet helps you in achieving your objectives.

The Boar — An amulet brings you joy and happiness.

The Naga — An amulet helps to calm the soul and keeps the emotions under control.

The Peacock — An amulet helps to increase your positivity and endurance.

Whatever happens in 2022, the 12 Guardian amulets will help you be more active, serene, and bold. Then assist you in achieving your goals.

12 Guardians is a long-term project that starts a new time a new year comes. Every year, widely respected monks from around the world join us to create and issue a new 12 GUARDIANS NFT.

So, with the development of technology and the preservation of religious culture, electromagnetic talismans will become valuable and widely circulated items.

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