12 Guardians
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The creative sector was not properly paid in the initial generation of the Internet. Record labels, publishers, and galleries are not the only sources of income for musicians, playwrights, journalists, photographers, painters, fashion designers, scientists, architects, and engineers. Galleries, film studios, universities, and huge organizations (pre-digital relics) — these authors are also subjected to the piracy that has grown ubiquitous since the internet’s inception. Blockchain technology presents a new way for creators to profit from their work. Examine the artwork’s digital record, which includes authenticity, condition, and ownership certifications.

The phenomenon of NFT is not a passing fad.

NFT will be an important part of our digital future, allowing us to take advantage of new opportunities in the digital world. Participants with knowledge and understanding and luck in the NFT economy may reap the rewards in the future.

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NFT can be used in a wide range of industries, including art (music, video, photos…), video games (interfaces, game elements), and any other product that can exist in digital form.

Content creators may monetize their items without going via a third party using blockchain technology and NFT, allowing them to become more “powerful” with their offerings. me. Gamers may play games, craft, trade, and sell stuff; music and albums can reach listeners without using Spotify or iTunes, allowing them to keep more earnings. Additionally, when a creator’s work is resold to a new owner, they may be eligible for royalties.

For buyers, this is your chance to get the one-of-a-kind, limited-edition things that you desire. You may use, abuse, and even resell it; when you “purchase” music on platforms, you can just listen to it and not sell or transfer it.

12 Guardians NFT is no exception

We debuted at Snail House, an NFT market geared toward artists, those who know how to evaluate and appreciate artworks with the aesthetic value from other artists and turn them into a profitable NFT. With the objective to provide owners with aesthetic products that reflect current trends and ideals.

You are not only holding the meanings, spiritual qualities, and luck when you own 12 Guardians cards; you are also holding future value. You can buy these cards, again and again, depending on the amount you wish to spend because their worth will increase over time. So don’t wait to get your hands on these lucky amulets with special meanings for your own inner peace and for your families.

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12 Guardians — Get your luck, get better life

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12 Guardians

The 12 GUARDIANS NFT Card, created by fusion of a picture that depicts each of the 12 zodiac and amulets made by famous monks. View more:https://12guardian.com/